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Next Generation Sequencing Pipeline

Our core receives source types ranging from tissue to ready-to-load libraries and prepares them for a large number of different sequencing applications. The diagram below illustrates the standard protocols we offer, and how they fit into a broader perspective of the NGS library preparation workflow.

For more information about any of the workflows we provide in the core, please scroll down and click through to find more in-depth explanations!


Extraction from Cells and Tissue

  • RNA extraction from soft tissue or cultured cells
  • Simultaneous extraction of RNA and DNA from soft tissue or cultured cells

RNA Sequencing

Targeted Resequencing

  • Exome sequencing capturing V5 and 3'UTRs using Agilent's SureSelect baits
  • Amplicon panels (cancer genes, custom genes, and more, through Illumina)
  • 16S sequencing (in partnership with the ASU Microbiome Core)

DNA Sequencing

Nucleic Acid Fragmentation

  • DNA/RNA ultrasonication fragmentation on the Covaris
  • Transposon tagmentation (enzymatic fragmentation) of DNA

Quality Control