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Sample Submission

We currently accept sample types ranging from tissue to prepared libraries for sequencing on either the Illumina MiSeq or NextSeq instruments (see specific run modules and library preparation workflows offered).

Arizona State University cores utilize the iLab system for financial tracking, so to place a next-generation sequencing request with the core you'll need to sign into iLab and create an account. Once you've made an account, you'll be able to view our available services along with pricing information, and will be able to generate a service request.

The turn-around time for any given project depends upon the exact services requested (a project beginning from tissue will obviously take more time than one where the library is ready to load before we receive it!), but our average is 3-4 weeks.

Sample Submission Requirements

Different workflows require different amounts of sample. If you have less sample than we recommend, please contact us to see if it is possible to move forward anyway.

  • Total RNA Seq (SPIA): at least 5ul of total RNA at 10ng/ul
  • Stranded RNA Seq: 0.1-4.0ug of total RNA in up to 50ul
  • DNA Seq (genomic, plasmid, amplicon, or PCR product): 0.5-2.0ug of DNA in up to 50ul
  • Ready-to-load Library (containing Illumina adapters): at least 5ul of prepared library at 4nM

For libraries prepared in house, we will quantify with the Agilent Tapestation and qPCR to ensure the correct sizing and concentration for sequencing. If you have prepared your own libraries, please send us any quantification information and methodology used so that we can make sure we are confident before moving forward. The Illumina machines are loaded on the picomolar scale and small errors in quantification can be significant.

Please be sure to contact us to discuss your project and requirements before submission

Ship samples to our facility or drop-off on campus:

Jason Steel/LaBaer/CPD
The Biodesign Institute
Arizona State University
1001 S. McAllister Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85287-6401