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Run Modules

Our core currently operates two Illumina NGS instruments, the NextSeq 500 and the MiSeq. Each instrument can be run in different modes to obtain different read lengths and coverage depth.

If you're unsure which run module is best for your project, please contact us to discuss your goals and experimental design.


Version 2 Kits: 12-15 million reads
  • paired end 300-cycle kit (2x150)
  • paired end 500-cycle kit (2x250)
  • v2 kits are also available in Micro or Nano formats for 4 million and 1 million reads respectively
Version 3 Kits: 22-25 million reads
  • paired end 600-cycle kit (2x300)

NextSeq 500

Mid Output Kits: 130 million reads
  • paired end 150-cycle kit (2x75)
  • paired end 300-cycle kit (2x150)
High Output Kits: 400 million reads
  • single read 75-cycle kit (1x75)
  • paired end 150-cycle kit (2x75)
  • paired end 300-cycle kit (2x150)