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Illumina Sequencing Pricing

All pricing is based on a Per-Lane charge

Standard HiSeq flow cells include 8 lanes. Our typical run lengths for the HiSeq are:

  • Single-End 50bp
  • Paired-End 100bp

The MiSeq is a single lane run. Our typical run length for the MiSeq are:

  • Paired-End  2 x75bp
  • Single read  1x50 bp
  • Paired End  2x300bp

Cost Per Lane

Sequencing Run Modules* ASU/Non-Profit Cost
MiSeq: 2 x 75 $1,100
MiSeq: 2 x 300 $1,650
MiSeq: 1 x 50 $900
HiSeq: 1 x 50 $1,350
HiSeq: 2 x 100 $2,300
Other runs can be accommodated as requested for special projects or needs.


Sample Preparation Pricing*

For special library preparation needs we can help with kit recommendations or purchasing.
Library Prep Services ASU/Non-Profit Cost
RNA Sequencing:
SPIA cDNA synthesis and library prep
Exome Sequencing:
Exome enrichment and library prep
DNA Sequencing:
library prep


For commercial user pricing please contact the facility.

Data Preperation and Return

Our team of bioinformaticists curates and returns data: $175

See here for more information on our data analysis pipeline. For additional data analysis, please contact the core manager.